Sore Throats

Most sore throats are due to viral infections. Often people feel a sore throat at the onset of a respiratory illness. Viral sore throats DO NOT NEED ANTIBIOTICS.

Taking antibiotics unnecessarily allows more virulent bacteria to grow. The person can also develop diarrhea from eliminating friendly intestinal bacterial. Another possibility is developing an allergy and not being able to use a class of antibiotics in the future.

A typical scenario for a viral sore throat is one that is more intense at the beginning, and starts to improve the second day. Also, if the sore throat waxes and wanes through the day or hurts when the child coughs. With viral illnesses, there's often an associated runny nose, or a cough will begin.

 The only true way to differentiate a viral sore throat from a bacterial sore throat (i.e. strep throat) is to obtain a quick strep test and/or throat culture. Never accept antibiotics for your child's sore throat unless a strep test has been performed first.

Ways to help a sore throat
• Getting more sleep helps the immune system.
• Beverages, soups and frozen treats can be soothing.
• Older kids can gargle with salt water.
• Tylenol and Ibuprofen can also help reduce throat pain.

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