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We’re excited to announce that we’re now offering you the option to check in on your own device, before your appointment. Mobile registration streamlines your arrival at our office by allowing you to check in on your own device using a link sent to you in an email or text message, either prior to your visit or when you arrive.


PLEASE do NOT call the office for COVID testing results.  We are at the mercy of the lab and have no control over when you will receive your results.  Calling the office ties up our triage line which is already overwhelmed with calls.  Once we have the results, you WILL receive a call from us.  If you have not received a call in 3 business days, you can call and check.  You may also register at the makomedical.com portal to receive your results directly.


                                                                                         COVID VACCINE 5-11 year olds WILMINGTON OFFICE ONLY                                                                                                                                                            Available 1/20/22                                                                                                                                                                       Please call the WILMINGTON office to schedule






Welcome to Carolina Pediatrics of Wilmington


                       Instructions for Thursdays COVID Vaccine Clinic (ages 5-11)

*You will remain in your car.  Please dress your child in shorts and short sleeved shirt for easy access. Your child may NOT receive the vaccine if they are ill.

*First shot   bring this form filled out and signed by a parent or guardian  COVID vaccine first shot consent form

*Second shot  bring this form filled out and signed by a parent or guardian COVID vaccine second dose consent form

*Fact sheet regarding COVID vaccine:   COVID vaccine fact sheet

Where else could I receive a COVID vaccine for my child?  TakeMyShot.NC.gov




We are pleased that you have chosen Carolina Pediatrics of Wilmington to provide health care for your family. We are a privately owned pediatric practice started by Dr. Mary Forehand in 1989, and is co-owned by three equal partners, Dr. Forehand, Dr. Adams and Dr. Henderson. Our providers and staff strive to give you and your child the friendly and individualized care you deserve.  












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