Here is a Troublshooting worksheet to help with the enrollment process on the Patient Portal:


  1. You can create an account for yourself and one child but not subsequent children
    • Login into your new portal account via: intelichart.com/Carolinapediatrics
    • In upper right corner click 'My Account', and choose 'Add child/dependent'
    • Add your additional children with the PIN from each respective email for each child
      • this PIN must be typed, it cannot be copied/pasted
  1. You cannot enter the PIN
    • PIN needs to be manually entered
    • It cannot be copied/pasted
  2. You get an error about birthdates not matching
    • Start over with the first child from the original email
    • Instead of clicking 'I'd like to add another child', click the 'Create My Account' button
      • You will then be directed into the portal at which time you can click on 'My account' in upper right and choose 'Add child/dependent'
  1. You mistakenly enter your child's name and date of birth as the parent account
    • Log into the portal with your email and chosen password
    • Under the Teal Bubble letter for your child (which really should be you!):
      • Select 'My Chart' from the menu on the left
      • Select 'Summary'
      • In the Demographics section, select the 'Edit' pencil and correct your name and date of birth to your personal information instead of your child's
  1. Adding young adults (18 years +)
    • We have only sent PINS to you for your minor children as you have full access to their records which expires on their 18th birthday
    • If you would like access to your young adult's records, you can either:
      • Have your young adult gain access to their portal via their preferred email address and then he/she/they can grant you proxy access to his/her/their records
      • Call/email our office if you know that your child has consented to your access and we have that consent on file. If so, we can grant you proxy access. We will need to know your email, your (yes, the parent's) date of birth and cell phone number in order to execute this request.

Call the office at 910-763-2476 and hit 0 and our Front Desk staff will be happy to assist you in any way possible

 To our patients - thank you for being so understanding as we go through this challenging portal transition.  We had no choice but to make the change to ensure security as our old portal was not going to be compliant in 2021.  We VERY much appreciate your cooperation and ask that you bear with us as we work to get this new portal working the way it was intended, which in the end, should be a more feature rich portal than what we previously had.  Thank you again!!


 Attention All Patients - Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

In an effort to reduce exposure to illness and wait times, we are discontinuing walk in clinic and will now offer scheduled sick and telemedicine visits.  We can provide sick visits and medicine evaluations via telemedicine if desired.  Only one parent and/or guardian will be permitted to enter the building with the child and we ask that you bring a mask, if you don't have one, one will be provided and must be worn while in the office.  If you or your child has experienced cold like symptoms, fever or cough in the last 14 days please call the office before coming to any scheduled appointments.   

Please call the office to schedule: Wilmington 910-763-2476 x0 and Hampstead 910-777-2013.

The Wilmington Office will continue to close at 5pm Mon - Fri until further notice.........


We are pleased that you have chosen Carolina Pediatrics of Wilmington to provide health care for your family. We are a privately owned pediatric practice started by Dr. Mary Forehand in 1989, and is co-owned by three equal partners, Dr. Forehand, Dr. Adams and Dr. Henderson. Our providers and staff strive to give you and your child the friendly and individualized care you deserve. 











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Hampstead Office

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