Skin and Hair

The following articles cover the topics of Eczema and Lice.


Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, is a common childhood problem. It is characterized by irritated, reddened, dry, itchy skin. Eczema can be mild, where there are only a few patches of dry, rough skin. Or it can be severe, where there are many zones of redness and irritation throughout the torso, arms and legs, and the child can be seen scratching the skin throughout the day. Children with eczema often have other family members with the same condition, or with other tendencies toward allergy--such as hay fever or asthma.  Read More...


Lice can spread quickly through classrooms and families. The child might feel slightly itchy as it crawls through the scalp, and soon thereafter little white "nits" or live eggs will be left along the hair shaft like miniature tear drops. If you suspect your child has lice, look closely at the hair shafts, especially behind the ears and along the hair line in the back. You'll see small white tear drop shaped spots clinging to the hair. It doesn't brush away like a piece of dandruff would. You have to use your fingernails to pull them off. These nits use a special cement to help them adhere to a strand of hair.  Read More...



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