Lead Paint in Toys

Mattel Toy Recall

In August, 2007, Mattel Toy Company, Fisher-Price and several others began recalling millions of toys upon discovering that some subcontractors overseas had used lead contaminated paint. There is an in depth article on the problem in the 8/15/2007 NY Times. One of the recalled toys is the "Sarge" figure in the Cars series.

Parents can get more information at:

New York State Department of Health:
•  www.health.state.ny.us/environmental/lead/recalls/index.htm

Consumer Product Safety Commission:

Manufacturer's sites:
•  www.service.mattel.com
• 1-800-916-4997 for "Cars" Sarge toys
• 1-800-916-4498 for Fisher-Price

The toy recall also includes toys that include small magnets that children could swallow. If a child swallows more than one magnet, it is possible that they attract each other within the intestinal tract, and lead to intestinal obstruction or perforation. Be very careful with magnets when you have young children in the home.
• 1-888-597-6597 for toys with magnet hazards.

Thomas the Tank Engine Toys

The use of lead paint in toys was first reported in June 2007 with Thomas the Tank engine toys. One of the factories which had been contracted to produce the toys had been using lead containing red and yellow paint. According to a 6/10/07 New York Times article about the recall, it is estimated that about 4% of the Thomas the Tank Engine toys in the United States could contain the tainted paint.

 A list of the Thomas the Tank Engine toys is displayed on the KLTV website www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=6655373. There is also information on the Learning Curve Australia website.

The possibility of lead paint in a child's toys is a major concern, especially if the child plays with the toy frequently or puts it in his/her mouth. Parents should not let their children play with antique toy soldiers or hand painted toys imported from other countries.

There are lead detection kits available at hardware stores. Parents can test any toys or suspicious objects. If they were to find a lead contaminated toy, they can call the office and arrange for a requisition to be sent to the local lab for a blood test. .

Trinkets and Play Jewelry

There have recently been some reports of lead contamination in trinkets, inexpensive jewelry and play jewelry from some factories that smelt waste metals. Do not let your child play on any metal like products, key chains or other trinkets

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